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TrueSight Capacity Optimization for Hadoop

TrueSight Capacity Optimization for Hadoop

Plan and optimize Hadoop IT infrastructure resources

TrueSight Capacity Optimization for Hadoop is a capacity management solution that optimizes the use of Hadoop IT infrastructure resources, resulting in faster service delivery and reduced costs.

  • Deploy big data applications on-time by reserving Hadoop infrastructure resources for new applications and workloads.
  • Flex with service demands with the ability to forecast and adjust Hadoop infrastructure resources to meet changing workloads and service demands.
  • Optimize costs with the insight to invest in new Hadoop infrastructure only as needed.

Video: Explore the Hadoop view of TrueSight Capacity Optimization (4:28)

Renato Bonomini from Moviri demonstrates how TrueSight Capacity Optimization can help you manage the capacity of your Hadoop clusters. (4:28)

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Optimize Hadoop IT infrastructure resources

Reserve Hadoop IT resources

Reserve infrastructure resources for upcoming big data applications and workload demands.

See business-aware analytics

View the Hadoop IT infrastructure resource utilization for one or more applications or business units.

Track chargebacks

Track and report the cost of Hadoop IT infrastructure resources by application, service, or business unit.

Forecast future needs

Model future usage and eliminate risk to services.

Maximize current Hadoop IT infrastructure

Perform correclation analysis and understand infrastructure usage and saturation points.

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  • Reduce capital and operational expenses
  • Gain insight into infrastructure capacity risks, usage and efficiency
  • Avoid service failures with threshold settings and alerts
  • Stay informed with 50 out of the box reports
  • Model future resource needs based on upcoming applications and workloads

"TrueSight Capacity Optimization integration with Cloudera Manager...allows organizations to better understand existing big data environments and plan for future business workloads."

— Tim Stevens, Vice President of Business and Corporate Development, Cloudera
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Video: Reclaim resources with intelligent capacity management (6:35)

See how TrueSight gives you a better way to manage available capacity. (6:35)

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Hadoop performance at its best

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