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IT operations management (ITOM) is the process of managing the provisioning, capacity, cost, performance, security, and availability of infrastructure and services including on-premises data centers, private cloud deployments, and public cloud resources.

Run and reinvent ITOM with TrueSight

Today’s digital business requirements can overwhelm your IT staff as they try to keep pace with the rate of change and the volumes of data generated. You need next-gen ITOM tools that offer machine learning, advanced analytics, and intelligent automation.

IT operations enabled with artificial intelligence, AIOps, helps you to streamline, simplify, and improve IT operations.

  • Ensure the performance and availability of digital services
  • Optimize cost and align risk decisions with business needs
  • Efficiently run and manage business-dependent technology
  • Respond to problems fast and recommend improvements
Find and fix problems fast

Find and fix problems fast with ITOM

In the fast-moving digital era, IT operations teams need to find and fix problems before the business feels the impact, and customer experience suffers. IT operations management helps IT teams:

  • Proactively identify and resolve performance and availability issues in a hybrid IT environment
  • Identify norms and set baselines, reveal abnormalities, measure service impact, and identify risk to speed and simplify troubleshooting and remediation

Improve the user experience of applications you deliver and manage

When an application has performance issues or a customer has a bad experience with an application, IT operations is often the first to get a call about the problem. IT operations teams need to understand application performance and simulate user experience in the context of the IT infrastructure to:

  • Pinpoint the source of the problem, from infrastructure to code to resource availability
  • Understand the broader service impact of an application performance issue
  • Proactively communicate with IT services, application owners, and development teams
IT operations must understand the user experience of applications
Optimize capacity to control cost and minimize risk

Optimize capacity to control cost and minimize risk

Digital business requires IT to be nimble and accurate when tuning the dynamic IT infrastructure. ITOM empowers the continuous alignment of services to:

  • Understand utilization at the resource, application and business service level
  • Eliminate over-provisioning and under-provisioning, and their associated costs
  • Align resource forecasting with business demand
  • Automatically right-size resources to balance cost and performance requirements

Automating IT Processes

Implementing disparate automation tools and processes can leave gaps in IT operations that require costly manual interventions to manage. Automating IT processes means addressing the gaps between processes, tools, and departments to speed service delivery, improve consistency and reliability, and enforce process compliance.

BMC process automation solutions help close process gaps to:

  • Significantly improve the end-to-end process flow
  • Shorten process execution time
  • Create more consistent documentation
Connect processes and tasks with drag-and-drop workflows and content

Getting started with IT operations management is easy